VuePress theme can provide layouts, styles and many other features for you, helping you to focus on writing Markdown content.

Default Theme

VuePress provides a default theme, which is applied to our documentation site you are currently browsing.

You need to import and use it in your config file via the theme option:

import { defaultTheme } from '@vuepress/theme-default'
import { defineUserConfig } from 'vuepress'

export default defineUserConfig({
  theme: defaultTheme({
    // default theme config
    navbar: [
        text: 'Home',
        link: '/',

The default theme provides basic but useful features for documentation site, you can check out Default Theme Config Referenceopen in new window for a full list of config.

However, you might think it is not good enough. Or, you want to build a different type of site, for example, a blog, instead of a documentation. Then, you can try to use a community theme or create a local theme.

Community Theme

Community users have created lots of theme and published them to NPMopen in new window. You should check the theme's own documentation for detailed guide.

You can explore more themes in VuePress Marketplaceopen in new window.

Local Theme

If you want to use your own custom theme but don't want to publish it, you can create a local theme. Refer to Advanced > Writing a Theme for how to write your own theme.